Workshop on Recent Trends in the Analysis of PDEs

IMATI-CNR, Pavia, October 19-21, 2016

This workshop will bring together young researchers working on different aspects of partial differential equations. Depending on the final budget, we might be able to support the participation of some young researcher. Further information on the financial support is available here

Stefano Bianchini, SISSA, Trieste, on the occasion of the Colloquium Magenes
Fabio Cavalletti , University of Pavia
Antoine Choffrut, University of Warwick
Eleonora Cinti, WIAS, Berlin
Maria Colombo, ETH, Zurich, and University of Zurich
Matteo Cozzi, UPC, Barcelona
Guido De Philippis, SISSA, Trieste
Ondrej Kreml, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
Antoine Lemenant, University of Paris 7
Elio Marconi, SISSA, Trieste
Stefano Spirito, GSSI, L’Aquila
Daniela Tonon, University of Paris Dauphine
Emil Wiedemann, Leibniz University Hannover

Gianluca Crippa, University of Basel
Laura Spinolo, IMATI-CNR, Pavia
Enrico Valdinoci, WIAS, Berlin, University of Melbourne and University of Milan

ERC Starting Grant EPSILON 2011
ERC Starting Grant FLIRT 2015
University of Basel
WIAS, Berlin




Picture by Michael Paraskevastaken. Source: Used here under the cc license